The Subjects
Fango, Lower Cathedral Canyon, Arizona, U.S.A.

Fango, Lower Cathedral Canyon, Arizona, U.S.A.

“Man is what he eats”, goes the old saying. Similarly, one may say that a photographer makes photographs of what he is. We are the outcome of our experiences, and since in our lives we live through various situations, our horizon becomes wider and wider and our views keep changing and improving.

The world of the mountains has always been the centre of my life, so the first subjects of my photos could only be the mountains. But my camera worked as a magnifying lense and gradually drew my attention to inner worlds initially invisible.

I looked inside myself with more and more penetrating eyes and I began to observe life with a new insight. The mountains were no more the only subject in the foreground. A new reality emerged, made of harmonious forms and bright lights. The lines forming the objects began to dance on the ground glass of my camera and, as the development reveals the latent image that forms itself in the negative when you expose it, the lenses focused better and better the variety of the world around me. Leaves, rocks, tree trunks, but also boats, houses, bell towers, cement walls or hayloft doors. All of a sudden what to photograph was losing importance to let only form and light stand out.

The subjects I photograph are the result of many continuously evolving factors. The constant factor is the intense emotional relation I have with my subjects. And the work of other photographers is an additional source of inspiration for my work.

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Marco Bianchi Fotografo